Thursday, May 04, 2006

So, What's New?

So, rumors. Yes, it's the official week of rumors. The week before E3 always has been like that.

A few rumors have caught my eye. I'll tell you the cool ones that might kick ass. Also, know, some of these rumors may have been proven wrong or right. If this is the case, please tell me.

First rumor: The PS3, which comes with a 60 GB HDD, will cost $399. Now, even if the Xbox 360 is already priced at $399, that's still a pretty hefty price (as opposed to the normally expected price of $299 for new consoles). The only thing I hope with this rumor, if it's true, is that Sony DOES NOT offer more then one version of their console. I don't want game companies to be limited because some gamers don't have a HDD in their PS3.

The rumor was actually offered by Playstation Magazine, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. Besides, we're suppose to here the official price on the 8th. That's 4 days away.

As for news, We're going to see the DS Lite here on the 11th of June for $129.99, Bethesda's game Oblivion has be rerated M instead of T because of some nude skins in it, EA claims it'll have a playable demo of Madden for the Wii and PS3(I'm interested in seeing what the Wii one's like), Of course no Diablo 3 at E3, nor will we see anything about Fallout 3 (currently being made by Bethesda), and the rumor of Nintendo not having a patent on 'Wii' is false.

Also, as always, Peter Moore is an idiot. He's quoted in Newsweek saying: "If the controller is different and innovative; fine. But I would say that Xbox Live is the bigger innovation. It depends on your definition of innovative. If having a DVD style controller defines innovation; great. I would argue that talking millions of gamers and connecting them with friends and strangers around the world... I'd call that pretty innovative."

Sorry to break it to you, buddy, but people were gaming on the PC with systems like Gamespy and (as well as many others) long before Xbox Live came around. And, they were/are doing it for free.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Game Series For Everyone, Katamari Damancy

ZOMG! Lego style.

So far, to my knowledge, there are 3 Katamari games. Two for the PS2 and one for the PSP. Most of you that don't fail at life probably already know what the game is about. Rolling around and picking up stuff. Yes, that's it. As you pick up stuff, you get bigger and can pick up bigger stuff. It's quite awesome. Wait, before I go on, a real screen shot!

Yes, the objects are all blocky on purpose. It's so that they're more basic thus allowing for more items on screen. Never-the-less, you'll soon take a liking to the graphics. It has a nice distinct style.

Before I lie too much, know that almost everyone either loves or hates this game. No matter what, everyone should try it out. Now then, bow to the king, dangit.

If this isn't manly and sexy, I don't want to know what is.

Oh, and, since I'm a nice guy, here's a pretty wicked desktop for it I found somewhere on the internet. Actually, that somewhere was which is a pretty awesome site as well.

Anyways, until next time, play some good games. Also, comment, damn you.